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Industry 4.0 Online Training Courses

Industry 4.0 Online Training Courses

Understand the value of digital transformation and create the right mindset that will embrace, drive, plan and execute the change.​

Create for your team a smooth and experiential induction to Industry 4.0 through our remote Leadership Training.

Leaders from these companies have participated in the courses:


SmarterChains received global recognition, winning the 1st Place at EFMD for the Supply Chain Category Case Studies: Building an Industry 4.0 Transformation Roadmap, in collaboration with IMD Business School.


SmarterChains partnered with IMD Business School to bring a series of Leadership Executive Training Courses which successfully rolled out to Fortune 500 companies.

In collaboration with United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), SmarterChains presented The Digital Industrial Revolution 4.0 and answered how manufacturing will be transformed in the post COVID-19 era.

What our participants say

“Helped us not only for our multifunctional team to reach the same level of Industry 4.0, but also to drive alignment of our Industry 4.0 roadmap moving forward!”

“Simple framework, very focused content, and exciting delivery of the actual Industry 4.0 technologies that can help us drive out losses from the shopfloor.”

Learning and Development

To guide you through the transformation we have developed the framework of the 10 Dimensions that helps make the ever-growing complexity of industry 4.0 solutions and interventions easy to catch up and understand.

The framework is providing continuity to the world of Industry 3.0 where Operational Excellence manufacturers are coming from while integrating the new, digital, automation and organisation choices Industry 4.0 is all about.

10 Industry 4.0 Dimensions

Our Educational Framework

SmarterChains proprietary educational framework helps focusing the efforts along the journey. It is the compass to simplify the world of industry 4.0 across technology, organization and value creation.

Industry 4.0 is all about value creation and accelerated organisational learning and our proprietory framework enables the discovery of new knowledge and helps scale learning across the enteprise.

10 Industry 4.0 Dimensions Framework

Available Training Execution Options


  • 2 hours per dimension
  • Real time access to instructors
  • Q&A session at the end of each training
  • Access during Live Training
  • Time allocated for Live Exercises


  • Self-paced, digitized through our platform
  • Contact instructors via platform
  • Monthly Live Q&A sessions
  • Unlimited access
  • Integrated test & quizzes

Training Curriculum and Key Benefits

Industry 4.0​ Introductory Course

Start your journey with an introduction to Industry 4.0, customized to you and your teams’ needs and set the right mindset to embrace and lead the change.

  • Onboard cross-functional teams on Industry 4.0 potential
  • Amplify technology understanding across all enterprise levels​
  • Accelerate your Industry 4.0 knowledge
  • Develop the right mindset that will embrace, drive, plan and execute the change

Industry 4.0 Dimension Trainings

Gain access to all you need to know to understand how to read the compass – SmarterChains Framework and navigate successfully across your Industry 4.0 transformation journey.

  • Gain 360° view of Industry 4.0
  • Advance your technology specific understanding​
  • Engage in real scenarios through vivid examples and use cases​
  • Discover multi-disciplinary knowledge
  • Achieve maximum level of preparation for the transformation journey ahead​

Industry 4.0 Roadmap​ Workshop

Industry 4.0 Roadmap Workshop is complementing SmarterChains’ Masterclass on Industry 4.0. Participants will connect the technologies and managerial challenges of an Industry 4.0 roadmap.

  • Gain access to a real plant case study
  • Understand plant main loss drivers
  • Design your Industry 4.0 Roadmap based on losses identified​​
  • Collaborate with other team members to pinpoint the most beneficial roadmap steps

Available Trainings

Drive your team’s knowledge and understanding of what’s next.

Showing 12 courses

Showing 12 courses

Industry 4.0 Dimension Trainings

All available trainings

Who is participating

The Industry 4.0 Executive Online Training Courses are designed for:

  • Digital Transformation personnel across all enterprise levels and functions​
  • Leaders from the Manufacturing Industry​
  • Category Manufacturing & Supply Chain personnel
  • Factory of the Future visionaries and
  • Pioneers in the field of Industrial Internet of things










How Trainings Are Connected With The Other Sections In​ Smarterchains Platform?​

Trainings offered by SmarterChains, as the first step of our methodology, intend to create the right mindset that will align your team’s understanding in view of the journey ahead. It is the step where Industry 4.0 starts. ​

Also, our Trainings provide specific insights to cover the knowledge gap and to empower the lead teams towards making Industry 4.0 happen.​

Following SmarterChains Trainings, teams will be knowledge ready to kickstart their Industry 4.0 Transformation journey. ​

The maximum number of participants to online courses can be arranged, but there is a minimum requirement of 15 participants per Training session.​

Depending on the Industry 4.0 Training Bundle you will choose, the Program starts from ½ day and can last up to a specific number of days, depending on the volume of the participating team and company size.​

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