An Industry 4.0 Framework to create Smart and Sustainable Factories



The SmarterChains white paper, sponsored by EY, presents how the manufacturing digital transformation challenges can be addressed through a standard, award-winning methodology to create smart and sustainable factories. You will discover how the four stages of the SmarterChains Framework can be deployed based on your organization’s needs.


  • Value and data-driven insights for measurable progress
  • Bottom-up approach engaging all stakeholders
  • Continuous learning on top niche Industry 4.0 technologies​​
  • Easy to scale up to an enterprise-wide digital transformation

A Framework established with the aim to democratize Industry 4.0

Our end-to-end digital transformation framework is a unique, proven capability accelerator to exponentially drive value enterprise-wide.

SmarterChains has developed the 10 Industry 4.0 Dimensions , which are enabled under three pillars of capabilities (people, processes, tech) to assist manufacturers through the four phases of digital transformation. The 10 Dimensions act as the compass for each operational area and persona in a manufacturing facility.

An easy-to-use, scalable framework which is:

100% virtual for an efficient, fast & scalable transformation

Value- and data-driven for measurable progress

Bottom-up approach engaging all stakeholders

Real-life case studies

Discover representative case studies about each one of the 4 digital transformation stages to help you understand how effectively the methodology can be deployed.

Click on each case study and watch the Industry 4.0 journey in action!

Plant Assessment & Loss Analysis

Discover how you can measure online in less than 5 hours, the technological and organizational capabilities of your plant and how to identify plant pain points to improve efficiency and productivity.

Plant Industry 4.0 Roadmap

Discover the Size of the Prize of the Industry 4.0 Roadmap, the specific Roadmap steps and loss and recoverable potential. Find out the cashflow used to confirm the financial viability of the Roadmap.

Enterprise Industry 4.0 Roadmap

See how an organization scaled-up from plant level strategy to enterprise level. Watch the amplification of value generation from the adoption of technology and new workforce capabilities.

Execute Phase for Enterprise

Discover how a top CPG manufacturer created an Industry 4.0 enterprise strategy and proceeded with the broad implementation of the digital transformation Roadmap.

The 4-Phases

The framework is deployed through a 4-phases transformation journey designed to create value and accelerate organizational learning, enabling knowledge discovery and helping scale throughout the enterprise. This transformational journey involves a stage-gate approach for all the phases of the journey.

Contonious learning
Top global manufacturing companies trust us
Top global manufacturing companies trust us


SmarterChains received global recognition, winning the 1st Place at EFMD for the Supply Chain Category Case Studies: Building an Industry 4.0 Transformation Roadmap, in collaboration with IMD Business School.

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