Industry 4.0 Loss Analysis Report

An advanced Industry 4.0 loss eliminating framework and knowledge.

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Value opportunity at scale

Our easy to scale, intuitive to use, and deeply granular Industry 4.0 loss analysis software provides you the data and insights to drive value driven interventions in your manufacturing operations.

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Value opportunity at scale

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Improve productivity and visualize loss impacts in your plants


100% remote and online, no factory walks


Data collection performed by plant teams directly in the platform

Expert Support

Data validation and guidance by SmarterChains experts

Our Industry 4.0 Loss Analysis offers:

Fast & Intuitive data collection enhancing your teams productivity
Track loss elimination efforts at the plant level easy every year or even more often
Collaborate and share intelligence enteprise-wide easy across your enterprise work tools
Granular analysis down to operator activities per production process
Simple and scalable enteprise-wide for visibility across all your manufacturing network
Easily customizable to your internal loss reporting structures

Industry 4.0 Loss Analysis Methodology

Identify today the main loss drivers of your manufacturing operations.

Plant Data Input

Each participant is assigned to an associated Loss section in the Platform.

Data Aggregation

Aggregation of data takes place 100% in SmarterChains platform.

Data Calibration

Calibration and consolidation of data to ensure integrity and consistency.

Loss Calculation

The calculation of the actual cost of Losses on an annual basis.

LTA Reporting:
Once the Annual Losses in cost format are calculated, they are being transferred to a dedicated Power BI interface for visualization and reporting purposes.


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