Industry 4.0 Vendor Solutions

Explore a database with more than 2000 Vendors and find the ones that best fit your enterprise profile.

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Vendor Solutions at scale

With SmarterChains Vendor Solutions tool, view technologies per dimension and access a list of related Vendors.

Find the best Vendor solution for your enterprise:

Through our platform, we offer business tools that help manufacturing organizations prepare and execute their Digital Transformation Journey into Industry 4.0.

With Vendor Solutions you can:

  • Star Icon Discover the Industry 4.0 Vendor Marketplace
  • Star Icon Discover how technologies impact your daily operations
  • Star Icon Select Vendor solutions by dimension and by category

Vendor Solutions tool features:

  • Star Icon More than 2000 Vendors
  • Star Icon More than 200 technologies
  • Star Icon All regions served
  • Star Icon Part of SmarterChains Platform

Connect Vendor Solutions with Industry 4.0 Strategy Roadmap

  • 1 Select from a list of pre-approved Vendor Solutions
  • 2 Choose the ones that best serve your needs and projects
  • 3 Integrate to your Industry 4.0 Strategy Plan via SmarterChains Platform

How it works


Dimension Selection

Choose a Dimension from our Factory of the Future Framework


Technology Selection

Choose a Technology, associated with the Industry 4.0 Dimension


Vendor Selection

Click on a Technology to show related Vendors


Filter Customization

Add more filters in your search to customize your results


Accelerate your Industry 4.0 capabilities

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