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Aligning Industry 4.0 Learning with Sustainability Development Objectives

To reach the vision of a truly Sustainable Manufacturing Industry the adoption of modern technologies is a critical factor for step to improve efficiencies as well as better utilise resources for all stakeholders while people working in manufacturing embark in a continuous and lifelong journey to maintain competitiveness and sustainable objectives.

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Quality Education

Skill Enhancement and Lifelong Learning (SDG 4)

Economic Growth

Driving Inclusive Economic Growth (SDG 8)

Navigating the balance between Automation and Job Creation (SDG 8)

Sustainability Leadership and Green Entrepreneurship (SDG 12.a)

Innovation & Infrastructure

Leading industry Innovation and Infrastructure Development (SDG 9)

Championing Sustainable Production (SDG 12.a)

Research and Development Initiatives (SDG 9)

Partnerships for the Goals

Global Collaboration and Partnerships (SDG 17)

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A pioneering collaboration between UNITAR and SmarterChains.

Unique blend of Industry 4.0 principles and sustainable development.

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