Create Smart & Sustainable Factories

Our team joins forces everyday leveraging technology and data to constantly develop our platform, designed to help manufacturers strategize towards Industry 4.0.​

where we are now

The Industry 4.0 enterprise challenge​

  • Defining the value of Industry 4.0 for your business situation​​
  • Building organizational capabilities for long-term value creation.​
  • Knowing where to start and how to accelerate value creation enterprise wide​

our approach

Accelerate your Industry 4.0 capabilities​​

Our 4-step enterprise-wide capability accelerator enables you to:​

Learn about cutting edge Industry 4.0 solutions
Learn about where you stand and where are the opportunities
Learn how to identify and accelerate value creation
Learn to execute holistically and effectively

Meet the Team

Our Founders

Vasilis Karamalegos
Vasilis Karamalegos

Co-Founder & CEO

Entrepreneur in Digital Platforms. Former P&G, Manufacturing Digitization and Synchronization expert
Gustavo Lopez Ghory
Gustavo Lopez Ghory

Co-Founder & Chief Supply Chain Officer at Kimberly Clark

Ex-Vice President of Global Manufacturing at P&G, Manufacturing & Leadership consultant
Luigi Matrone
Luigi Matrone


CEO of eBusiness Institute. Entrepreneur & investor, Former P&G – Global Marketing

Our Corporate Functions Team

Apostolia Gkatzioura

Chief Legal Officer

Marina Bassuo

Executive Assistant

Our Communications Team

George Stamoulis

Enterprise Sales

Ioulia Kotzamani

Head of Digital Marketing

Judit Bernat

Graphic Designer

Our Research & Development Team

Angelos Tsoutsias

Research and Development Lead

Manos Fragkiadakis

Product Engineer

Giannis Letsos

Junior Analyst

Amarillis Loufardaki

Junior Analyst

Martha Pontika

Junior Analyst

Our Operations Team

Dimitris Marlagkoutsos

Operations Lead

Ioannis Maimaris

Technology Analyst

Vasiliki Gkinoglou

Junior Analyst

Pasquale Foglia

Factory of the Future Consultant

Aris Papaioannou

Technology Analyst

Dimitris Demenegas

Technology Analyst

Our Software Team

Amit Kumar Dubey

Chief Software Engineer

Vivek Kumar Rai

Senior Software Engineer

Amit Kumar

Senior UI Engineer

Sony Singh Rathore

Senior UI Engineer

Shiv Nandan Gupta

Data Scientist

Somnath Chakraborty

UX Product Designer

Shubhesh Srivastava

UI/UX Engineer

Anurag Shukla

Software Engineer

Jai Singh

Software Engineer

Aman Pratap Singh

Junior Quality Assurance

Sangeeta Rathore

Senior UI Engineer

Shruti Sharma

Junior Quality Assurance

Deepika Dixit

Junior UI Engineer

Rahul Mani Tripathi

Software Engineer

Drop a line if you fit in our culture and if our culture fits your profile!

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