10 Industry 4.0 Dimensions

SmarterChains has developed the Factory of the Future Framework, under 3 circles of capabilities. These 3 circles serve, as key enablers of the 10 Industry 4.0 Dimensions.

The 10 Industry 4.0 Dimensions framework

People enablers

Leadership and Organization

This is what makes the different parts in the Framework work in harmony

Tech enablers

Technology and Infrastructure

The specific technology solutions that ensure the functionality of other functions.

Processes enablers

Core Functions of a plant

Includes the processes that drive the conversions of raw materials into finished products.

The Journey needs a compass!

SmarterChains has developed the Framework of the 10 Dimensions in order to make sure that all the 4 levels of the Journey are being chartered in a systemic, easy to understand, and also In a way that it can relate to current operational excellence.​



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