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Our tailor-made Industry 4.0 Roadmap builds on the data and insights provided from SmarterChains Assessment to pin point a comprehensive list of actions and solutions required to drive the transformation.

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Design your Industry 4.0 transformation strategy

Use SmarterChains Industry 4.0 Roadmap to design your site-specific digital transformation strategy

Manufacturing organizations face many challenges:

There is tremendous pressure in the plants for continuous margin improvement & customer centricity

Even top-tier manufacturers have a hard time catching up with new technologies

Strategy consulting process is slow, expensive, repetitive and resource-intense

Manufacturing industry is siloed with limited knowledge sharing

The Vendors ecosystem of Industry 4.0 is highly fragmented, solutions are hard to find


Our Industry 4.0 Roadmap addresses these challenges by providing:

Technologies that directly tackle your losses

Organizational capabilities to support the change

Vendor Solutions

Cost-benefit analysis for proposed solutions

Overall Size of the Prize

At this stage SmarterChains helps organizations drive Build or Buy decisions


Industry 4.0 Roadmap Methodology

Following SmarterChains remote Assessment on Digital Readiness the next step is to take structured steps towards digital transformation by launching your Industry 4.0 Roadmap.

Rmap goal


Identify key loss opportunities and define solutions to drive efficiency improvements

Rmap methodology


Loss and financial analysis, solution selection and cost-benefit analysis of the selected solutions

Rmap deliverables


Industry 4.0 Roadmap with technology and organizational solutions, their cost-benefit analysis and 3 vendors for each solution

Organize for success in the Industry 4.0 arena

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