Industry 4.0 Characteristics

Vertical Integration of production systems

Ties together all logical layers within the organization

Horizontal Integration through global value chain networks

Is the optimized flow of information and materials along a value chain, from suppliers to consumers

Cross-disciplinary engineering

Represents the mechanism that utilizes data and information from all stages of the production life cycle

Acceleration through exponential technologies

Focuses on the optimization of internal processes

Factory of the Future

Factory of the Future is at the epicenter of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Its manufacturing operation leverages cutting-edge technologies, data and best practices to fuel growth through margin development while reducing operational costs.

Change vs Transformation

Doing more of what has been done before is not the answer to successful implementation of the Factory of the Future. It requires a different mindset and behavior from everyone involved, from leaders to operators.


At what stage of the journey are you?

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