Benchmark your Industry 4.0 capabilities

With SmarterChains Assessment, our algorithms identify the capabilities of the plant on more than 500 unique technological & organizational elements across all departments of your plant.

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Discover Customized and Actionable Insights

Discover where your plant stands in 3 hours - remotely. No more exhausting plant walks, the only non-intrusive process.


Conducted in only 3 hours


No factory visits - 100% online


Giving an unbiased point of view


Covering all manufacturing areas

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Industry 4.0 Index

Complete SmarterChains Assessment and know where you stand through our unique Benchmarking Standard.

  • 1 Single Indicator
  • 10 Industry 4.0 Dimensions
  • 500+ Technologies
  • 3,500+ Data Points

Measure Industry 4.0 Capabilities

Identify your digital readiness on plant & enterprise level

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Discover Customized & Actionable Insights

Uncover Insights that pinpoint opportunities across all plant operational functions

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Find Common Themes among your Plants

Scale similar needs & opportunities across your manufacturing network


Benchmark Internally & Externally

Find out where you stand versus the Industry and plan your Transformation

SmarterChains Assessment Methodology

The most effective way to measure Technological & Organizational capabilities and discover data-driven insights.

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3500 data points acquired through SmarterChains Assessment

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SmarterChains ranks plant’s capabilities across 10 Industry 4.0 Dimensions

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For each Industry 4.0 Dimension, we provide data-driven Insights that unveil strength & opportunity areas

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SmarterChains Index is derived from the 10 Industry 4.0 Dimensions

Organize for success in the Industry 4.0 arena

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