Industry 4.0 Webcasts

Enhanced Digital Transformation with Haptics

Industry 4.0 experts and haptics scientists are exploring the current and emerging capabilities of applied haptics and how these might open new horizons in productivity, efficiency, safety, and innovation.

Explore how haptic technologies could complement Industry 4.0 digital transformation solutions.

Empowering a connected workforce in Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 experts are discussing the importance of the human aspect in the digital transformation journey and its crucial role in boosting operational efficiency.

Learn about the two key aspects of the digital transformation framework: training leaders of the Factory of the Future and empowering a Tech-Augmented Workforce.

How to enable digital manufacturing transformation at scale?

Industry 4.0 experts from EY and SmarterChains present an enterprise-wide data-driven methodology to drive digital transformation at scale

Discover a groundbreaking white paper for manufacturers to drive the digital transformation at scale and thrive in the Industry 4.0 era.

An Industry 4.0 Framework to create Smart and Sustainable Factories for Malaysian Manufacturers

A data-driven methodology for a step-by-step enterprise-wide digital transformation

The technologies of Industry 4.0 hold great promise for transforming manufacturing and driving societal progress. However, manufacturers are often lacking the necessary know-how and dat...

4 steps for Industry 4.0 transformation in manufacturing

Start your industry 4.0 journey today

Industry 4.0 transformation is a very demanding and costly journey. Knowing how the industry is performing, what technologies they are adopting, and what the best practices are, can giv...


The Time for Industry 4.0 is now - USA

How to stay on top of your digital transformation

How do leaders in the CPG Industry perform in Smart Manufacturing? Through this webcast you will gain insights for your digital transformation and smart factories.


The Time for Industry 4.0 is now - EU & Asia

How to stay on top of your digital transformation

How do leaders in the CPG Industry adopt Industry 4.0? Discover insights that will help you in your digital transformation towards Industry 4.0 and the Factory of the Future.



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