Empowering a connected workforce in Industry 4.0

Learn about the importance of the human aspect in the digital transformation journey and its crucial role in boosting operational efficiency.

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July 12th, 2022




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The human aspect of digital transformation is often forgotten. Very often manufacturing companies focus on getting more and more tools to improve machine efficiency and control every aspect of their production operations. However, empowering a connected workforce is A and Z of a successful digital transformation that boosts operational efficiency – but how can this be done in a smooth way?

In this webinar, Industry 4.0 experts will be discussing two key aspects of the digital transformation framework: training leaders of the Factory of the Future and empowering a Tech-Augmented Workforce.

The webinar will be moderated by Chris Rost, SwipeGuide.


  • Welcome message 5’

    Chris Rost, Chief Storyteller at SwipeGuide

  • An enterprise-wide Industry 4.0 framework driven by data 5’

    Vasilis Karamalegos, CEO and Co-Founder at SmarterChains

    • Panel discussion on the topics:
    • Factory of the Future Leadership 20’
    • Tech-Augmented Workforce 20’
    • Panelists:
      Vasilis Karamalegos, CEO and Co-Founder at SmarterChains
      Willemijn Schneyder, CEO & Proud Founder at SwipeGuide
      Alex Barber, Founder of Frontline Sidekicks

  • Q&A10’


Vasilis Karamalegos
Vasilis Karamalegos

Co-Founder & CEO at SmarterChains, Software Entrepreneur, Ex- P&G Manufacturing, digitization & synchronization expert

Willemijn Schneyder
Willemijn Schneyder

CEO & Proud Founder of SwipeGuide, Empowering frontline excellence in manufacturing with a radically human focus. InspiringFifty in DeepTech

Alex Barber
Alex Barber

Founder of Frontline Sidekicks, Frontline upskilling, leadership development, and change management keynote speaker

What you will get

  • tick icon A data-driven methodology for Industry 4.0 transformation at scale
  • tick icon Behaviors and strategies leaders need to master and inspire for a successful digital transformation
  • tick icon Skillsets and solutions to optimize workflows and accelerate productivity
  • tick icon Lessons learned from digitizing processes and workforce empowerment
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Data-driven Insights for CPG Companies on Industry 4.0 adoption

Data-driven Insights for CPG Companies on Industry 4.0 adoption