The Path to Smarter Supply Chains and Omnichannel CX

62% of Supply Chain executives say that “they have no valuable data from indirect customers, with 34% stating that they have no data whatsoever” Today’s customers have higher standards than ever – and they’re quite willing to pay for a better experience. In fact, according to leading customer experience research [I], the value of delivering […]

Warehouse Management Systems: 5 innovative companies explored

Warehouse Management Systems

Warehouse Management Systems are used by warehouse managers and workers to monitor resources registered on a database such as storage slots, machines, materials and personnel and create reports on inventory position and performance. Operations carried out by a WMS include: Support of decision-making Task prioritization allocation Streams tasks & orders to workers & handling systems […]

Forklift Sensory Systems: 5 top solutions for Advanced Material Handling

Forklift Sensory Systems

Forklift Sensory Systems are sensors installed on forklifts to assist forklift operators on navigation and safety. These systems add Environment Awareness, with weight, motion, position & traffic sensors, and Operational Safety, by detecting anomalies (overweight, badly positioned pallet, etc.), to conventional forklifts. Benefits from their use include: Margin Improvement Less risk of work-related injuries Accelerated loading, unloading & […]