To drive operational efficiency, enhance their value proposition, and market relevance, companies from across the global Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry urgently need a better understanding of technological capabilities. Industry 4.0, above all, is opening up new and exciting pathways for companies to level up their capabilities and performance but it is also accelerating the demise of companies that cannot successfully leverage these possibilities and adapt fast enough to the changing landscapes around them.

To address these issues and help companies in the CPG industry embrace the opportunities of Industry 4.0, SmarterChains has developed a platform to enable strategy definition and drive decision-making. In this way, SmarterChains helps manufacturers in CPG and beyond to leverage Industry 4.0 technologies to cope with the challenges of changing landscapes and deliver improved margins.

Leveraging its platformized methodology, SmarterChains presents a first-of-its kind study: CPG Factory of the Future Benchmarking Study. This study is based on an in-depth analysis of more than 336,000 data points gathered from 327 production lines in 50 participating plants worldwide, employing more than 24,000 people in 9 industry sectors, and involving 500 participating manufacturing professionals. Specifically, by reading this study and leveraging SmarterChains’ common language and Factory of the Future benchmarking system, manufacturing leaders within the CPG industry will be able to obtain insights into:

  • How the leading industry companies are strategizing and operating differently to the majority of late adopters of digital technology
  • The state of play in adopting Industry 4.0 technologies, driving accountability, and helping to steer decision-making.
  • New, measurable digital and automation technologies and organizational practices that are available and deliver significant value.
  • Where, how, and what to focus on to maintain competitiveness and drive organizational robustness.
  • How to foster a learning environment that enables organization-wide knowledge sharing and the adoption of ideas and innovations relating to Industry 4.0.

Given Industry 4.0 is here to stay – companies must apply sustained action in adapting to new technological realities. According to our benchmarking study, 90% of participating sample plants are yet to successfully leverage digital at scale.

In our study, you will find many detailed insights that will help to equip manufacturing leaders with the knowledge they need to make the most of Industry 4.0.

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