The Time for Industry 4.0 is now - USA

The Time for Industry 4.0 is now - USA

How to stay on top of your digital transformation

The Time for Industry 4.0 is now - USA

How to stay on top of your digital transformation


Through our webcast we will present the results of our Factory of the Future Benchmarking Study, on how leaders in the CPG industry are adopting Industry 4.0, managing through the challenges and share our recommendations on how to build resilient operations and organizations during these times.

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The challenges manufacturers face

How to plan, define and execute Industry 4.0 transformation

Tips on how to leverage learning to drive transformation at scale



Vasilis Karamalegos

Vasilis Karamalegos

Co-Founder & CEO


Software Entrepreneur, Ex- P&G Manufacturing, digitization & synchronization expert

Gustavo Lopez Ghory

Gustavo Lopez Ghory

Chairman & Co-Founder


Ex-Global VP Manufacturing, P&G, Manufacturing thought leader with over 20 years leading factory plants worldwide

What you will get

Ahead of a curve data-driven insights on Industry 4.0 adoption in the CPG Industry

A view of where the CPG leaders stand in terms of technological and organizational capabilities

A methodology for Industry 4.0 transformation, resilient to disruptions

Recommendations to strategize and transform at scale

Our Factory of the Future Benchmarking Study


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