At SmarterChains we help companies create their Factories of the Future by providing them through our platform the necessary tools to identify their needs and opportunities, to strategize towards their transformation, educate the parties involved and assist them in the execution.

The Factory of the Future is defined as an operation that leverages cutting-edge technologies, data and, methodologies to fuel growth through margin improvement while reducing operational costs.

The first step we urge our clients to take is to benchmark their capabilities through SmarterChains Assessment. This helps organizations understand where they stand in terms of Industry 4.0 maturity, how far they need to go and what they need to do to create their Factory of the Future.

To determine the organizations’ Industry 4.0 maturity level, we use a proprietary scoring system. We measure specific areas in a factory, that an organization needs to improve technologically to achieve the Factory of the Future. At SmarterChains we call these areas the 10 Factory of the Future dimensions and these are:

01. Automated Data Flow

The effective integration of different informational and operational systems provides fast and reliable access to data.

02. Factory of the Future Leadership

Having structures and policies that inspire, support and accelerate the digital transformation across the plant are crucial preconditions for success.

03. Digital Organization

Structures and policies that provide the agility to design and roll out an effective digital strategy are crucial to successfully embracing the opportunities of Industry 4.0.

04. Data-Driven Maintenance

The implementation of methods and systems to proactively manage maintenance based on data, such as equipment condition metrics and historical events.

05. Automated Material Flow

Machinery and systems that automate and optimize material handling processes throughout the manufacturing facility.

06. Digital-Ready Infrastructure

Systems that safeguard and enable the plant’s operations, such as communication networks and cybersecurity tools.

07. 360o Factory Visibility

Systems that combine data from various areas of the value chain, eliminating silos and accelerating decision-making.

08. Intelligent Quality

Effective integration of sensors, software and techniques that leverage real-time data to manage quality control and quality assurance.

09. Tech-Augmented Workforce

Technologies that assist employees in their tasks by augmenting their skillsets and optimizing workflows.

10. Zero-Touches Production

Hardware, software and practices that eliminate human touches in production planning and execution.

Discover where you stand by taking SmarterChains Industry 4.0 Assessment or find out how the CPG industry benchmarks in technological and organization capabilities by downloading our Factory of the Future Benchmarking Study for the CPG Industry.

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