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Available Industry 4.0 Training Bundles​


Get Introduced To​ Industry 4.0

Introduction to Industry 4.0​

+ 2 of the dimension trainings​

Basic Package

Become Industry​ 4.0 Ready

Introduction to Industry 4.0​

+ 4 of the dimension trainings​


Gain Advanced​ Knowledge​

Introduction to Industry 4.0

+ 8 of the dimension trainings​

Complete Package

Become A​ Digital Champion​

Introduction to Industry 4.0

+ all the dimension trainings​

Our Training Scheme

Understand the value of Digital Transformation in Manufacturing and gain visibility in pioneering SmarterChains Training Methodology​

Industry 4.0 Introductory Course

  • Amplify technology understanding across all enterprise levels ​
  • Onboard cross-functional teams on Industry 4.0 potential​​
  • Accelerate your Industry 4.0 knowledge
  • Develop the right mindset that will embrace, drive, plan and execute the change

Industry 4.0 Dimension Trainings

  • Gain 360° understanding of Industry 4.0​
  • Advance your technology specific learning curve​
  • Engage in real scenarios though vivid examples and use cases​
  • Discover the multi-disciplinary knowledge​
  • Achieve maximum level of preparation for the transformation journey ahead​

Industry 4.0 Roadmap​ Workshop

  • Gain access to a real plant case study
  • Understand plant main loss drivers
  • Design your Industry 4.0 Roadmap based on losses identified
  • Collaborate with other team members to pinpoint the most beneficial roadmap steps

Organize for success in the Industry 4.0 arena

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