Depending on the industry and production line manufacturing changeover, the process of converting a line or machine from running one product to another, can vary both in required time and cost in resources. In the Factory of the Future, these costs can be significantly reduced through practices such as Automatic and Robotic changeover.

Below is a list of the features and benefits of each practice, as well as examples of companies that show the way in these innovations.

Robotic Changeover

Robotic Changeover is a solution where a robot automates the configuration of the equipment settings for changing over from one product to another.

Key Features

  • Connectivity with MES & Recipe Management Software
  • The machine memorizes a number of different setups
  • Robot switches parts & settings automatically when a new SKU is assigned
  • Agile to handle multiple products & packaging styles


  • Planner
  • Line operator

Key Benefits

  • Margin Improvement
  • Reduced machine downtime for product changeovers
  • Reduced manhours spent for machine setup
  • Reduced human errors
  • Reduced post-changeover startup waste & jams
  • Flexibility to produce more SKUs
  • Allows for more customizable products


Comau both provides engineering and industrial automation services and develops machinery and performs system integration services and automated and manual assembly solutions to manufacturing companies.

Comau’s technical strength, innovative solutions, and industry experience enable manufacturers to achieve their goals by designing, engineering and manufacturing powerful systems to meet production needs and providing the necessary project management services.

MGS Machine

MGS provides automation solutions for secondary packaging and product handling, specializing in compliance packaging automation, parenterals, kit packaging and robotic packaging.

MGS operates based on six core values which are prevalent in the organization and guide their interactions with all third parties. These values are:

  • expertise
  • customer focus
  • care for the community
  • teamwork
  • problem solving
  • can-do attitude

Automated Changeover

Automated Changeover is the practice where production equipment is connected with key systems to fully automate the production changeover process.

Key Features

  • Systems integration
  • Smart robotic changeover machines connect to central systems (MES, WMS, etc.)
  • Central systems orchestrate production sequencing
  • Changeover orders are generated automatically
  • Materials, tools & equipment needed are automatically provided to the machine
  • Machine sets up timely for the next SKU


  • Planner
  • Line operator

Key Benefits

  • Minimum human touches
  • Minimized machine downtime for product changeovers
  • Less manhours spent controlling & inspecting equipment
  • Better space utilization
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Ability to handle a higher variety of SKUs
  • Improved product quality due to fewer human interactions

APT Manufacturing Solutions

An innovator in the field of automated changeover, APT applies its practices in every aspect of the production cycle.

Assembly Line

APT’s automation team regularly builds: Hard-Tool Assembly Lines, Robotic Assembly Lines, Custom Equipment, and Integrated Assembly Systems.


APT’s skilled machinists utilize its technology and practices to produce everyday quality parts for manufacturers anywhere in the world.


Stemming from its own internal need to service its automation division, APT’s fabrication team has developed capabilities in MIG and TIG welding, plasma cutting, and break press.

Gerhard Schubert

Building manufacturing products for a multitude of functions, has enabled Gerhard Schubert to apply automatic changeover in these products and become an expert in the field.

The functions it covers include the following:

  • Erecting
  • Filling
  • Closing
  • Labeling
  • Palletizing
  • Thermoforming
  • Wrapping


halstrup-walcher is specialized in bulding product configurators that enable automatic changeover in multiple production machines and lines.

Some of the functions it can help manufacturers with automatic changeover are the following:

  • positioning systems
  • drive technology
  • pressure measuring technology
  • display panels

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