Augmented Reality (AR) is right now transforming manufacturing and the way factories are operating. By helping operators do their work on the shopfloor faster and more efficiently, enabling them e.g. to locate and pack items or to find and repair damages, augmented reality technology is fast becoming the preferred way to organise assembly lines and warehouses. Below are 8 examples of companies that are deploying Manufacturing AR right.


Upskill’s Skylight platform provides all the building blocks organizations need to quickly build and deploy AR applications across sites and geographies. Users can

  • Build custom Skylight applications through the App Builder or the SDK.
  • Connect to systems & equipment by integrating Skylight apps with all back-end system.
  • Manage Users and Assignments by creating task assignments, deploying applications to AR devices and initiating live video calls.


Reflekt is creating the workplace of the future by mixing augmented reality with human labor and enabling manufacturers to use their own previously dispersed data through AR powered assistance.

Through it’s two solutions, Reflekt One that brings manuals and instructional content to AR enabled machines and Reflekt Remote that fuses technology and human interaction, Reflect radically changes the sectors such as:

  • Maintenance: Service technicians get additional information and graphical documentation for training, repair and maintenance purposes
  • Operations: Augmented Reality helps first responders to rescue crash victims from vehicles safer and quicker
  • Training: AR support is used in hospitals and surgeries to support and train doctors, nurses and medical staff


Diota works on Digital-Assisted Operations, providing users at each step of their workflow intuitive and interactive content that is visualised using the most suitable equipment.

Benefits of using Diota’s solution include:

  • Quality gains as 90% dof errors are avoided
  • Time savings as tasks without added value are greatly reduced
  • Increased traceability through automated task reports


iQagent is a dedicated maintenance app for plant floor mobility that recognizes equipment and displays relevant process data, schematics, forms and other resources; resolves downtime events faster through better and more efficient communication with support personnel.

Core features of iQagents’ solution include:

  • Practical Augmented Reality view of the shopfloor
  • Process Data accessible from anywhere
  • Communication with iQagent server over wireless or cellular connections
  • Snapshot or Screen Recording
  • Forms creation and management
  • Wireless streaming of iQagent’s display to any HD Device using Apple Technology

XOi Vision

XOi has built Vision, a cloud-based software platform that expands the reach of the workforce by enabling experts to gather vital information and share it with the customer’s team. Vision’s features include

  • Company-wide content searching
  • Content sharing via email or SMS
  • Ability to create a workflow with versions for easy retrieval
  • Content capturing via mobile camera
  • Telepresence calls with multiple people


Atheer’s AiR Enterprise is an AR platform that has been created exclusively for the industrial enterprise. Its goal is to connect the digital and physical workspaces and enable people to work smarter, faster and safer.

Atheer’s AiR for Enterprise is an enterprise-class Augmented Reality (AR) application that brings workers remote subject matter calling, access to contextual documentation and resources, step by step task guidance, barcode scanning, and much more — to the smart glasses they use.

Scope AR

Scope AR is another AR company with solutions dedicated to the manufacturing industry. Scope’s WorkLink provides a suite of features to its users:

  • An authoring tool for rapid content creation
  • In-app publishing
  • Buld-in data collection
  • Analysis and Improvements


Fieldbit’s solution is Hero, an interactive collaboration platform for field services, that equips experts and technicians in the field with two-way live video, real-time augmented reality (AR) annotations, messaging and voice.

Using Fieldbit’s Hero brings the following benefits:

  • Two-way, hands-free real-time collaboration that increases productivity and first time fix rates
  • Improved remote resolution rates that maximize machine uptime and increase customer satisfaction
  • More accurate remote diagnostics and fewer return visits due to communication issues
  • On-the-job knowledge capture of service and repair processes that help overcome workforce knowledge gaps

Have you or your company have used these solutions? We would be glad to hear your feedback.

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