Through Machine Vision, Industrial Robots are able to perform complicated and elegant tasks by replicating human vision and more. Machine Vision equipment can be added to existing Robotic parts and make them smart, thus moving one step forward to the Factory of the Future.

Here you can find 7 solutions that drive innovation and bring the future closer day by day.


Aquifi creates purpose-built, low cost, IIoT and mobile hand-held 3D vision sensors for industrial environments.

Aquifi combines 3D sensors with 3D data and 3D deep learning to create 3D Fluid Vision, a low-cost by high performance technology that enables devices to learn and solve problems in logistics, industrial automation, and quality control and inspection.

LMI Technologies

LMI Technologies specialises in automating inline factory inspection through machine vision solutions such as scanners, snapshot or laser sensors.

Its flagship Gocator line is comprised of a series of smart sensors that can scan object shape and contrast, take measurements, and make critical control decisions at production speed.


Prophesee’s machine vision systems are bio-inspired and want to establish new benchmarks in data compression, dynamic range, speed and power efficiency.

These machine vision solutions automate industrial processes such as inspection, monitoring, object identification, tracking, handling, high speed motion control and more.

3D Infotech

3D Infotech is specialised in a particular sector of machine vision called Universal Metrology Automation that employ Blue Light or Laser scanning to measure production line objects and capture data real-time in high-speeds.

Through its Streamline software, 3D Infotech’s sensors can be retro-fitted off-the-shelf to most industry standard hardware; they can also be adjusted to new solutions and integrate with a multitude fof extended systems such as

  • Multiple 3D sensors
  • Multiple motion control devices
  • Machine Vision and Photogrammetry
  • Enterprise Database Integration
  • Adaptive Manufacturing
  • Safety Area Scanners and Laser Curtains
  • Automated Calibration
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • 2D smart vision systems
  • 3D smart vision systems
  • Chemical Colour Imaging hyperspectral systems
  • Surface inspection systems
  • Open architecture vision systems
  • Sequence recording systems
  • Vision Systems & Peripherals
  • Retro Fit Vision Systems
  • Special Purpose Vision Machines
  • Vision Systems for Machine Builders

VAIA Technologies

VAIA stands for Vision Automation Integration Analytics and it does just that by offering either turnkey or custom machine vision systems.

VAIA Technologies machine vision solutions are engineered to inspect a specific item type, label, or code, in an effort to eliminate costly recalls due to manufacturing errors in packaging and labeling.

Stemmer Imaging

Stemmer Imaging produces machine vision systems that solve factory automation or inspection problems.

By creating a variety of solutions, Stemmer Imaging covers all industrial sectors and their specific needs. A list of their products includes the following categories:

Industrial Vision

Industrial Vision is a producer of machine vision cameras, systems and machines for the manufacturing sector, bringing improvements to build quality and delivery of superior products to customers.

Impovements due to Industrial Vision machine vision systems application include higher production speeds, lower defective products rates and a lower cost of the whole process. Its list of solutions includes the following:

Pick-It 3D

Need a plug-and-play machine vision product at a fixed price?

Pick-It 3D is an easy to install machine vision solution for picking automation that guides robot to pick and place a wide range of products in different applications.

Pick-It’s 3D camera and software detect the position, orientation and dimensions of objects, enabling the robotic gripper to perform picking and placing quickly and error-free.


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