As the workforce of the Factory of the Future becomes increasingly, up to 80%, mobile, solutions that facilitate efficiently connected operators are in dire need. In the below list we cover some of the most innovative solutions in the field of handheld devices, regarding both hardware and software.


Zebra creates handheld tablets created specifically for the manufacturing sector as they are purposefully built for rugged business environments and everyday tasks. They combine the friendliness of consumer products with rock-solid security, durability, and performance and come with a wide array of accessories and customization options.

Zebra tablets can be used, among others, for the following tasks:

  • Work Order Management
  • Asset Tracking
  • Direct Store Delivery
  • Inventory Management
  • Mobile Payment
  • Assisted Selling

abas ERP

abas has built an ERP designed specifically for handling and enabling mobile processes, from sales and service to delivery and materials management. abas’ mobile-first solution covers a wide array of functionalities, such as:

  • Mobile Delivery
  • Mobile CRM
  • Mobile Cycle Count
  • Mobile Inventory Management
  • Mobile TCI
  • Mobile POS
  • Unity Server
  • Mobile Service and Service Request

Alien Technology

Alien Technology has built its readers to be robust, tough and exhibit high performance specifically in the challenging environment of manufacturing. Alien Technology readers have advanced “filtering” and “intelligence” so as to provide operators with less network traffic, fewer additional pieces of network equipment and lower setup and maintenance costs.

Handheld readers by Alien Technology come with advantages such as:

  • Ease-of-use in setup, maintenance and daily use
  • Excellent read/write performance
  • Reduced external network infrastructure that leads to cost savings
  • Superior robustness, intelligence & security

Omron Microscan

Omron Microscan’s handheld barcode readers feature the latest technology for decoding symbols to ensure coded parts are reliably identified, tracked, and traceable throughout a multitude of operations, from identifying samples in clinical labs to reading tough direct part marks (DPM) on automotive parts.

Its range of handheld readers include models like:

HS-360X: a waterproof, spray-proof, dust-proof and operator proof scanner for all intents and purposes.

HS-21: a handheld barcode reader for decoding both linear barcodes and 2D symbols.

HS-41X: a handheld DPM reader with decoding capabilities that include simple direct part marks.

HS-51X: a wireless DPM reader that decodes both linear barcodes and 2D symbols, including DPMs.


Casio Computers has a range of dedicated handheld devices that cover a wide array of functions associated with manufacturing and industrial automation. These solutions have been built at the crossroads of strength and speed and are extremely versatile.

Casio’s handheld and mobile devices list includes the following entries:

  • Grip type handheld terminals that are built with an ergonomic design based on human-centered design process and are ready to perform in the harsh environments in the workplace.
  • PDA type handheld terminals with design, functions and performance optimized for work. and geared towards greater ease of use.
  • Handheld printer terminals which are ideally suited for operations that require printing on the spot.


Sonim constructs tough, ultra-rugged smartphones and critical communication solutions for the demanding environment of industrial manufacturing. Based on its experience, Sonim has built its own Rugged Performance Standards (RPS) which consist of 11 benchmarks of endurance and durability:

  • Dual-Shift Battery Life
  • Glove-Friendly Display
  • Extra-Loud Audio
  • Protection From Micro Particles
  • Waterproof
  • Drop/Impact Resistant
  • Shocks/Vibrations Resistant
  • Operational In Extreme Temperatures
  • Pressure Resistant
  • Puncture Resistant
  • Oil And Chemicals Resistant

Tasklet Factory

Tasklet has created a Mobile WMS for Dynamics NAV, with standard functionality that covers most bases but also with the ability to add custom functionality according to each client’s needs.

Tasklet Factory’s Warehouse Management System includes the following benefits:

  • Offline Functionality; the core work processes can be performed without any network connection
  • Integration with Standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Turnkey solution; it can be up and running in a couple of days
  • Built with Customization in mind; all modifications are made in Dynamics NAV
  • User Friendliness; designed with a focus on minimizing clicks, irrelevant information and training time.


Ubimax has created Frontline, a mobile software focused on increasing the productivity of the deskless workforce in the same way Microsoft Office has done for office workers. It claims to be the first fully integrated Productivity Solutions Suite for the frontline worker, that creates a more productive, satisfied and truly connected workforce.

Ubimax Frontline brings the following benefits to its operators:

  • Workers can easily switch between tasks and rotate jobs over the course of a day.
  • Workers enjoy the same ‘look and feel’ and interaction paradigms throughout all solutions
  • All process workflows can be managed on the same central portal
  • Supervisors can control and manage multiple work areas and teams on one central portal
  • Reports and analytics span multiple areas and improve optimization capabilities across the enterprise
  • Only one IT system needs to be operated and serviced by IT departments

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