Forklift Sensory Systems are sensors installed on forklifts to assist forklift operators on navigation and safety. These systems add Environment Awareness, with weight, motion, position & traffic sensors, and Operational Safety, by detecting anomalies (overweight, badly positioned pallet, etc.), to conventional forklifts.

Benefits from their use include:

Margin Improvement

  • Less risk of work-related injuries
  • Accelerated loading, unloading & palletizing
  • Accurate and fast transport

Asset Efficiency

  • Reduced risk of inventory damage during transportation

Customer Centricity

  • Fewer returns because of damaged goods

Below you can find 5 leading companies that innovate in the Material Handling sector.

Linde Material Handling

Linde Material Handling ranks among the world’s foremost makers of forklift trucks. With 85 standard series and over 6.000 standard equipment variations, it supplies the necessary solutions and accessories for the areas of safety and efficiency such as:

  • the innovative assistance system Linde Safety Guard
  • the Linde BlueSpot™ driving path warning device
  • components for the automatic recording and transmission of operating hours

Global Industrial

Global Industrial features an immense range of solutions for material handling and has a separate category for forklift accessories that ensure safety and efficiency at the warehouse.


Leddar™ is a proprietary LiDAR (an acronym for Light Detection And Ranging) technology that can detect, locate and measure objects, including liquids and people, in a given field of view. It is not a single solution but an ensemble of software, algorithms, and know-hows that are used to design or optimize various types of solid-state LiDAR sensors.

Leddar™ is a solid-state LiDAR technology that uses patented signal acquisition and processing techniques to generate a cleaner return signal. This enables lower detection thresholds, for significantly increased range and sensitivity over other solid-state LiDAR methods.

Pepperl + Fuchs

Pepperl+Fuchs is a pioneer of industrial sensors for factory automation and has built a very detailed range of sensors for material handling with forklifts including the following:

  • Gripper Sensor: It shuts down the engine when the joystick is released.
  • Fork Inclination: It ensures forks are level when the forklift is moving and prevents tipping when the forklift truck is moving heavy loads.
  • Fork Extension Control with PCI: It measures and monitors the fork position

Flexco Industries

Flexco Industries is a world leading developer of safety systems sensors for forklifts that help prevent tip-over accidents, equipment abuse, and racking overload protection

Its weighing system for forklifts includes the following safety features:

  • Real-time indication of the load
  • Transformation of the majority of forklift attachments into scales
  • Guidance of the operator on how to safely load and unload pallets without cracking the pallets, dropping the load or damaging any goods
  • 2 dry contacts for audio and visual warnings at programmable set points
  • Wireless capability

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