As the manufacturing industry is moving towards the Factory of the Future and is implementing the latest Industry 4.0 trends, new tools that serve the End of Line Palletizing and packaging have emerged. Below you can find 5 of the most reliable and time-tested solutions.

1. CSI Portal

CSi, one of Europe’s leading materials handling companies, manufactures equipment and interfaces that provide fully automatic handling and palletizing systems for a range of sizes and applications

Specialized in end of line packing and palletizing systems, CSi boasts a wide range of palletizing technologies, from simple robot palletizing cells to sophisticated multi-load palletizing machines.

CSi palletizers are delivered with virtually no engineering, which means standardized modules can be reliably installed and commissioned in a short time on site.

2. Dematic

Dematic has many years of experience and know-how in integrating palletizing solutions with case conveying and sortation, pallet transport and storage for industries as diverse as meat processing, confectionery, beverage, dairy, frozen food, paper manufacturing and retail.

The high cost of labour and increasing safety regulations concerning manual handling makes a strong case for automated end-of-line palletizing.

Dematic’s automated palletizing systems provide reliable performance and may be designed to handle individual cartons or full pallet layers of goods in higher throughput applications. Advances in product recognition technology, such as vision and profiling systems, now enable robotic palletizers, like Gantry/Portal and Articulated Robots, to handle mixed streams of goods and build pallets of mixed products.

3. Alvey Group

With more than 50 years experience in palletizing and depalletizing, Alvey manufactures diverse solutions, from single-line palletizers to very complex multi-line systems, that bring maximum functionality and flexibility even at high capacities.

Along with developing custom solutions for each sector that operate in the most demanding conditions, Alvey strives to find the simplest possible solution for even the most complex challenge.

End-of-line palletizing solutions are designed for environments with very high production volumes, from 20 to 150 packs/minute, or where the customer prefers to connect the production machines directly to the palletizer.

4. Brenton Engineering

Brenton offers both conventional and robotic palletizing products with a proven track record of over 1,700 conventional and robotic installations.

Brenton’s full line of palletizing solutions uses rugged designs which maximize the reliability and value of the clients’ machinery.

  • Conventional Palletizers
  • Robotic Palletizers
  • Bulk (de)Palletizer
  • Gantry Palletizer
  • Elevators & Stackers
  • Sheet Feeders
  • Pallet Dispensers

5. End of Line Packaging Solutions

End of Line Packaging Solutions group offers flexible palletizing solutions, from stand alone applications to complex packaging systems, which are primarily combo systems that form an integrated solution.
These combinations include:

  • A Robotic Palletizer, a Stretch Wrapper & a Labeler or
  • A Conventional Palletizer & a Stretch Wrapper


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