In manufacturing, a significant amount of packaging takes place with the help of cardboard boxes; the Amazon delivery box is now a pop culture icon. To better serve this need, innovative companies have developed both automatic, that take fully care of the process, and semi-automatic, that work along with humans, solutions. In this article we explore the top semi-automatic solutions; an article on the automatic solutions will follow.


Hartness bases its global leading position in case packing on its roots as a beverage bottling company. Today, it manufactures a wide range of case packers:

  • from high speed to slower systems,
  • from intermittent motion to continuous motion
  • place packing, with various speed capabilities


MG2, previously focused on capsule fillers, has been extending its range to packaging since 1997. The fruits of this expansion to a new field are the following solutions:

  • Forming and filling machines for boxes and trays
  • Vertical and horizontal case-packers
  • Palletizers
  • Cartoners
  • Track & trace systems for bundles, bottles, and cartons
  • Counting machines for tablets and capsules


Robopac (previously Aetna Group) has created a dedicated cartoner, Starbox, a semi-automatic carton erecting machine.

Schneider Packaging

Scnheider Packaging has developed Sentry, a series of dedicated case sealing and erecting solutions, that includes three versions, to better adjust to each production line’s needs:

  • Sentry 3000: a compact and flexible case sealer that can service up to 12 cases per minute,.
  • Sentry 5000: a versatile case sealer with speeds of up to 18 random sized cases per minute.
  • Sentry 7000: an advanced case sealer with speeds up to and exceeding 30 cases per minute.

APT Manufacturing

APT’s packaging machines can either integrate into an existing line or operate as stand-alone in a new line. These solutions utilize advanced technology and optimize efficiency for packaging lines, so it’s no wonder APT Manufacturing currently serves many of the largest food and retail manufacturing companies throughout the world.


Promach builds the Wexxar/BEL, an innovative and reliable solution that improves ROI, reduces labor, and streamlines production lines, and can serve every market, from entry-level to high-speed applications.

The BEL semi-automatic case erecting and sealing solutions provide an economical and effective way of reducing the amount of manual labor required to pre-form cases as well as a full range of case sealing solutions.

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