<p>The Trend Detection podcast, is powered by Senseye, an industry leader in using AI to drive scalable and sustainable asset performance and reliability.</p><p>For this 3-part series, Vasilis Karamalegos, CEO and Co-Founder at Smarter Chains, a company that is helping manufacturers achieve Industry 4.0 Transformation at Scale, gives an interview to Niall Sullivan from Senseye.</p><p>In the first episode of this series, we discuss the meaning of digital transformation and Industry 4.0 in a manufacturing context and the technologies that are driving innovation in manufacturing today.</p><p>A great takeaway from the conversation is to not focus solely on the technology aspect of digital transformation and Industry 4.0. You need to define the value they bring to you as an organization and engage senior leaders in this process.</p><p>You can listen to the podcast <a href="https://anchor.fm/trend-detection-senseye/episodes/Digital-Transformation-and-Industry-4-0---Part-One---With-Vasilis-Karamalegos-e1loivi/a-a8aafdc">here</a></p>