Invitation for Participation to the
1st CPG Factory of The Future Benchmarking Study
Kickstarting Industry 4.0

Geneva, Switzerland, September 27, 2019

SmarterChains has the pleasure to announce the invitation for participation in the first-ever, in-depth CPG industry analysis in digital manufacturing technologies.

This is a unique opportunity for pioneers and innovators seeking ways to identify new growth opportunities by examining three key areas of their business: leadership, culture, and innovation.

Through their participation in the Study, organizations will be able to define, validate & develop their Enterprise-wide Factory of the Future Strategy, benchmark their Digital Capabilities VS Industry Average & Best Practices that will help them Identify opportunities & Kickstart their Digital Transformation. Furthermore, participants will gain industry-wide insights that will be of great value to their operations.

For the participation in the Study, only 3 hours are required in a onetime assessment per plant, through a remote meeting with the Plant Leadership Team. No Pre-work from the Plant required, no ConfidentialData needed.

CPG manufacturing organizations can apply here to express their interest to join our Benchmarking Study.

SmarterChains is a digital technology platform providing manufacturers with margin improvement and customer-centricity abilities by leveraging new emerging digital and technological solutions. Our objective is to provide data insights to enable Manufacturing Leaders to guide their organization into the 4th Industrial Revolution. The process is simple, fast and cost-effective.

Our team has created the Factory of the Future Maturity Index, which we use to conduct the Study. Our Index has proven to be an effective way to evaluate and compare digital, automation and organizational maturity across manufacturing operations.

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