SmarterChains global leader in Industry 4.0 training for the Factory of the Future, with the 1st award-winning Supply Chain Category Case Studies: Building an Industry 4.0 Transformation Roadmap, by EFMD.

SmarterChains received global recognition, winning the 1st Place at EFMD for the Supply Chain Category Case Studies, in collaboration with IMD Business School.

Having trained more than 80 companies in SmarterChains’ approach and methodology, this award is celebrating the Leadership Education work we do with IMD Executive University in Lausanne, through the Digital Supply Chain Executive Education.

The case study of Building an Industry 4.0 Transformation Roadmap is complementing SmarterChains’ MasterClass on Industry 4.0, including numerous technologies, rapidly evolving and whose use cases can be difficult to grasp. Through this workshop, we encourage students to consider the managerial challenges of building an Industry 4.0 roadmap while illustrating concrete use cases for several key technologies.

With our training, we aim at providing management teams the tools and knowledge they need to lead the Industry 4.0 transformation forward.

You can learn more about our Industry 4.0 leadership training courses here.