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Industry 4.0 Partner Program

Be part of the Vendor Discovery Directory

All our clients have access through SmarterChains platform to our Vendor Solutions tool, to discover the Industry 4.0 Vendor Marketplace.

Showcase real use cases through our Trainings

Participants in our Education program can explore your solutions based on real use cases.

Share your proven Loss Recoverable solutions

Client discovers how technologies impact their daily operations.​

Provide project planning and timeline

Predefine a project planning template of your solution implementation.

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  • The vendor’s profile we are looking for towards empowering our clients

Who is participating?​

SmarterChains Partnership Program is designed for Technology Vendor Companies who:

  • Demonstrate top level hardware or software solutions within a mix of industries
  • Develop top-notch technologies across Industry 4.0 ecosystem
  • Prove results at prior clients using Industry 4.0 methods to transform Supply Chain and Manufacturing
  • Have a strong portfolio of Fortune 500 clients in the last 5 years
  • Proven record on digital strategies development
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