Bad Data in Manufacturing: The Cost and the Solution

Dark Data

  “85% of industry data points go unused” and “only 20% of the actual potential asset failures are detected” Everybody knows we’re on our way towards a world where data reigns king. In manufacturing, where Industry 4.0 unlocks immense data crunching capability, the value potential is endless. The plot twist? Only a handful of manufacturing […]

Industry 4.0 Tip: For Victory Engage Unions

Industry 4.0 workers

What does your manufacturing company need to stay competitive in today’s highly volatile, customer-centric market? Smarter technologies, to be sure, and a brand-new business paradigm: one that’s more flexible, more productive and more personalized. Much has already been written about Industry 4.0 adoption, change management, and cultural transformation, but there’s a surprising gap in literature: […]