Reflections on IoT Connected Products

Reflections on IoT Connected Products

  “If you think that the internet has changed your life, think again. The Internet of Things is about to change it all over again!” – Brendan O’Brien Traditionally, manufacturing initiatives are measured by hard ROI – increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Nowadays, ROI can be so much more than cost-savings. The Internet of Things […]

Bad Data in Manufacturing: The Cost and the Solution

Dark Data

  “85% of industry data points go unused” and “only 20% of the actual potential asset failures are detected” Everybody knows we’re on our way towards a world where data reigns king. In manufacturing, where Industry 4.0 unlocks immense data crunching capability, the value potential is endless. The plot twist? Only a handful of manufacturing […]

Industry 4.0 Tip: For Victory Engage Unions

Industry 4.0 workers

What does your manufacturing company need to stay competitive in today’s highly volatile, customer-centric market? Smarter technologies, to be sure, and a brand-new business paradigm: one that’s more flexible, more productive and more personalized. Much has already been written about Industry 4.0 adoption, change management, and cultural transformation, but there’s a surprising gap in literature: […]