The Manager’s Guide to Financing Industry 4.0 Projects

Funding Industry 4.0 projects

  The “what” of financing determines the “how” of financing There are four digital investment types: Pure business initiatives, foundational investments, trial investments, and big bets. An orchestrated Industry 4.0 transformation effort is typically a mix of all four types. The challenge is to prove that a digital investment, without proven returns, is competitive compared […]

Industry 4.0 Complexity and Uncertainty – Why Some Manufacturers Thrive Despite Them

How to navigate through uncertainty

Why do some manufacturing companies gain more value from Industry 4.0 than others? Because they regard the adoption of Industry 4.0 as an overall strategic business objective, rather than a big-budget technology, or IT project. An Objective That’s Much Bigger Than Technology Investment Treating Industry 4.0 adoption as a company-wide business objective puts central leadership […]

Industry 4.0 Tip: For Victory Engage Unions

Industry 4.0 workers

What does your manufacturing company need to stay competitive in today’s highly volatile, customer-centric market? Smarter technologies, to be sure, and a brand-new business paradigm: one that’s more flexible, more productive and more personalized. Much has already been written about Industry 4.0 adoption, change management, and cultural transformation, but there’s a surprising gap in literature: […]