Remote AR Assistance: 9 most trusted solutions in the Industrial Manufacturing Sector

Remote AR Assistance

Augmented Reality (AR) is right now transforming manufacturing and the way factories are operating. By helping operators do their work on the shopfloor faster and more efficiently, enabling them e.g. to locate and pack items or to find and repair damages, augmented reality technology is fast becoming the preferred way to organise assembly lines and […]

Condition-based Maintenance: Top 3 Solutions for the Maintenance Manager

Condition-based Maintenance

This piece on Condition-based Maintenance solutions is connected with the article on Predictive Maintenance. Condition-based maintenance (CBM) is the maintenance strategy which dictates that maintenance is performed only when certain indicators show signs of decreasing performance or upcoming failure. It comes in contrast to planned scheduled maintenance (PM), where maintenance is performed in predefined scheduled intervals. […]

Predictive Maintenance: 6 Services the Connected Factory’s Maintenance Planner should know about

Predictive Maintenance

This piece on Predictive Maintenance solutions is connected with the article on Condition-based Maintenance. Predictive maintenance is designed to determine the condition of equipment and predict when maintenance should be performed, resulting in convenient scheduling of corrective maintenance and cost savings over preventive maintenance as tasks are performed only when warranted. To be done right, the […]