The Surprising Truth About What Makes IoT Valuable


Explaining the paradox between smart technology investment and lagging value gain Imagine a world where each product you sold would give financial returns well after the moment of purchase, charging customers by usage. At the same time, that product would tie your company directly to the customer, give access to their habits and preferences, and […]

The 7 Deadly Sins of Modern Manufacturing

Sins Modern Manufacturing

Many companies have committed one (or more) of what SmarterChains describes as the 7 deadly sins of modern manufacturing All around the manufacturing world, companies recognize the need to build digital capabilities. And yet, precious few companies have managed to capture the fourth industrial era’s potential for business growth and market penetration. Why? Many companies […]

The Manager’s Guide to Industry 4.0 Projects: Path to Scale

Industry 4.0 Projects: Path to Scale

Manufacturing companies must leverage the agile principles of software engineering: Iterate, test, analyze, and test again until they drive scale Many executives wish their companies would transform; they just don’t know how. What companies did in the past did little to prepare them for what they have to do now, in the fourth industrial era, […]