Robotic Goods to Person: Top 7 Companies right now in Warehouse Automation

Robotic Goods to Person

Goods to Person is the most advanced solution of order fulfillment; in this practice of order picking, the most basic of the warehousing processes that influences greatly the logistics process , articles are picked and delivered in a specific assortment before being shipped to the customer. Due to its importance for the whole of the supply chain and as a result of the proliferation of e-commerce, there are a lot of companies that offer specialised solutions. Here are some of the best:

Viastore Systems

Intralogistics systems from Viastore enables its clients to meet rapidly and flexibly major manufacturing requirements such as:

  • Maximum system availability
  • Minimal downtime
  • Optimal availability of goods
  • Inventory transparency

To achieve this, Viastore offers a holistic approach through its Viadat WMS (warehouse management system) that controls warehouses, material flow and picking systems, and distribution and logistics centers independently.


Invata has created a cohesive warehouse automation system that covers the needs of even most demanding supply chain and the most complicated distribution channel. Its components are:

  • Sortation Systems
  • Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems
  • Packaging Automation
  • Order Fulfillment Systems
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Pallet Conveyors
  • Material Handling Systems Integration


Dematic boasts one of the most comprehensive Good-to-Person systems that consists of a multitude of specialized solutions:

  • Case & Tote (Package Conveyors)
  • Pallet Conveyors
  • Divert Systems
  • Automated Garment on Hanger Solutions
  • Trolley System


With its three products, Perfect Pick®, Perfect Pick HD®, and Sure Sort™, OPEX Corporation adjusts to the needs of any Goods-to-man project even with its off-the-shelf tools.

  • Perfect Pick HD®: A unique, robotic, goods-to-person order picking technology for warehouses and distribution centers.
  • Sure Sort™: A robotic “each” or “piece” sorter that easily handles complex variables and delivers a wide variety of items into a compact array of order bin locations in a single pass.
  • Perfect Pick®: A “one touch” picking solution based on proven iBOT delivery technology. No lifts, conveyors, or transfers required.


TGW is focused in building a cost-effective, customized, integrated warehouse solution that meets its clients’ intralogistics requirements not only today but also tomorrow.

Its FlashPick smart piece picking system sets new standards for fulfillment speed and flexibility by:

  • achieving Faster lead times enable earlier delivery and/or later order acceptance
  • accommodating any combination of small and large orders
  • being ideal for businesses that experience frequent changes in stock-keeping units (SKUs) and/or product lines


UNEX has built its Goods-to-Person solution on four different pillars:

  • Conveying: Conveyors move products in a fast, efficient, and safe manner.
  • Part Picking: Flow racks feed parts right to the workers.
  • Case Picking: Workers can case pick medium to slow moving products with speed and accuracy
  • Each Picking: pick rates are increases, mispicks decreased, and ergonomics at the point of pick improved


Eiratech proposes a unified approach to Robotic Goods-to-Person approach, that is comprised by four components the Eirabots, the Picking stations the Racks and the EiraSystem

These work in the following flow

  • The WMS sends the order to the Eirasystem
  • The Eirabots identify the shuttle racks that contain the required products and bring the rack to the Picking Station.
  • With the aid of a monitor and light guide the picker retrieves the products, scans them and places them for packing.
  • Once all the correct items have been retrieved from the rack, the Eirabot moves the rack away for storage
  • Another Eirabot brings the next rack into position

And the cycle continues uninterrupted.

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